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Avoid Digging Up Your Foundation

Make time for foundation tunneling in Plano, Dallas and Richardson, TX

Do you have a plumbing leak under your foundation? Instead of breaking your foundation apart or digging up your entire lawn, Leveled Out Foundation Repair can dig tunnels that lead directly to the issue in Plano, Dallas or Richardson, TX. With tunnel access, you can keep your foundation and landscape intact for the most part, and still get the plumbing repairs you need.

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Benefits of excavation tunneling

Digging up your foundation can affect the integrity of your home, and might even put you in a motel until the job is done. Don't let a plumber tell you that's the only option to resolve your plumbing leak.

Leveled Out Foundation Repair provides under-slab tunneling services so plumbers can:

  • Use cameras to assess the damage.
  • Gain better access to your slab leak.
  • Repair your slab leak quickly and efficiently.
We have to tools needs to properly dig tunnels under your slab, driveway, sidewalk and roads while avoiding the hazard of it collapsing. Reach out to us today to get started. We serve clients in Plano, Dallas and Richardson, TX.