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Where Does Your Rainwater Go?

Correct your Richardson, Dallas & Plano, TX home's drainage system with help from Leveled Out Foundation Repair

Do you notice puddles around your property after rainfall? If so, your property isn't draining the way it should be. You can count on Leveled Out Foundation Repair to provide drainage solutions for your Richardson & Dallas, TX property. We can build French drains and open rock-top drains to redirect rain water to the right place.

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Importance of drainage systems on your property

Land that slopes at the wrong angle or in the wrong direction can cause disaster during a major rainstorm. Here are some of the issues faulty drainage can cause on your property:

  • Swelling of the soil and cracking of your foundation
  • Uncontrolled run-off, which can lead to erosion
  • Pooling water, which can harbor mold growth and mosquito populations
  • Flooding of your basement or crawlspace
  • Rotting of building materials

Work with Leveled Out Foundation Repair to correct the drainage issues on your property.